Tuesday, 28 August 2018

CTFlearn - 07601

by alexkato29

1) Download the image and vi the AGT.png. you will find the header JFIF which stands for stands for JPEG File Interchange Format.
$ vi AGT.png

2) Used strings to check the image AGT.png, you will get the following result. It looks like a zip instead of JPEG file

$ strings AGT.png

3) Used binwalk to inspect AGT.png. This is what I got.

$ binwalk AGT.png

4) Extract the file 
 $ binwalk -e AGT.png

5) Follow the tips, find the image file "I warned You.jpeg" 

 Secret Stuff.../Don't Open This.../I Warned You.jpegUX

6) Used strings the image and you will find the flag

1 comment:

  1. First I tried using String Command with the AGT.jpg file and I found a flag "ABCTF{fooled_ya_dustin}" at Eventually didnt work.


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